Zone 3 Laser Tag

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Zone 3 Laser Games - Launceston is an indoor Laser Tag complex providing hours of entertainment, all under one roof. It is suitable for all ages, catering for birthday parties, business functions and walk-in visits.
Laser Tag (sometimes also referred to as Laser Skirmish or Dark Zone) is an action packed game where players wear electronic vests and 'tag' each other with 'phasors' to score points
The multi-level laser tag arena features stunning fluorescent space-themed murals guaranteed to make you go "wow"! With asteroids, gas clouds, moons, planets, star fields, vortices and cladding-style spaceship walls, you will feel as if you are an astronaut on a mission in a distant galaxy.
Zone 3 Launceston also features a variety of exciting arcade games suitable for all ages, including racing games, shooters, video games, pinball and more. In addition there are a number of prize and ticket redemption games such as skill testers, "claw" games and Stacker, as well as classics like Roll-a-Ball.
Bookings are highly recommended so make a booking today by giving Zone 3 Laser Games a call.


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