Local Restaurants and Cafe's

Blue Cafe Bar

Blue exterior at twilight

For booking's phone: (03) 63343133

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Relax Cafe and Espresso Bar 

Call:0438 442 742 
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The Gorge Restaraunt 

For booking's phone: (03) 6331 3330

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The Metz Cafe Bar


For booking's phone: (03) 6331 7277 

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Still Water

For booking's phone: (03) 6331 4153

To veiw the website Still Water

Jail House Grill 


For booking's phone: (03) 6331 0466

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For booking's phone: (03) 6331 6835

To view the website Pierre's

Black Cow 

For booking's phone: (03) 6331 9333

To veiw the website Black Cow 

The Prickely Cactus

For booking's phone: (03) 6334 0584

To view the website The prickely Cactus  

Mud Bar & Restaurant 

For booking's phone: (03) 6334 5066  

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Novaro’s Restaurant 

For booking's phone: (03) 6334 5589

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Hallams Waterfront Restaurant 


For booking's phone: (03) 6334 0554

To veiw website Hallams Waterfront Restaurant