QVMAG Art Gallery, Royal Park

The opening of Royal Park on 17 September 2011 as a dedicated art gallery has created a new vibrant cultural destination for our city and a unique opportunity to engage with contemporary and historical art and design. The refurbished galleries, featuring both long-term and temporary exhibitions, provide a destination in which to enjoy the richness and diversity of the QVMAG fine art and design collections that are a vibrant part of this city’s heritage and contemporary culture. 

Since opening, many visitors have enjoyed the ambience of our newly refurbished 120-year-old building, reconnected with favourites from the collection including the Guan Di Temple, and been inspired by new works on display across two floors.

See works from our fine art and decorative arts collections including selected works from the extensive colonial art collection that have not been displayed for some time. From John Glover painting around the Deddington district in the 1840s, Hugh Ramsay and Tom Roberts visiting and being inspired by the breath-taking natural environment right on our City's doorstep, to Bea Maddock and Philip Wolfhagen painting the landscape today, Launceston, through the QVMAG can be justifiably proud of its ongoing contribution to the nation's visual culture.

Guided Tours
Our volunteer Gallery Guides facilitate free 30-minute guided tours on Sundays at 11am and 2pm from May to November. Free with no booking required.

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