Mount Wellington

Rising 1270 metres (around 4,000 feet) above Hobart's harbour and the wide Derwent River, Mount Wellington provides a wilderness experience within 20 minutes' drive of the city and is much loved by locals.

The 21-kilometre (13-mile) drive to the summit takes you from temperate rainforest to sub-alpine flora and glacial rock formations, ending in panoramic views of Hobart, Bruny Island, South Arm and the Iron Pot and the Tasman Peninsula. The present road was blasted from rock during the Depression (1932), around the same time that the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built.

The interpretation centre at the top protects you from the blustering winds and an open viewing platform on the western side of the car park looks out to the southern World Heritage Area beyond. Hanging over the city is a series of viewing platforms with access available to all. No other city in Australia has a vista like this one.

Bushwalking trails suit all fitness levels and barbecue and picnic facilities are provided. Mountain activities also include trail biking and abseiling. There is a commercially operated Mt Wellington Descent (by cycle) which rivals the Haleakala Crater downhill descent in Maui; we think it exceeds it easily - as in true Australian style, it includes a refresher stop at the historic Cascade Brewery. Now that's a bike tour!

Mt Wellington is the finishing line for the annual 'Point to Pinnacle' Fun Run. Suffice to say it is a challenging spectacle whether run or walked! 

The mountain has numerous springs (and snow melt in winter) which provides Hobart's adundant and high quality drinking water. Viewed from all angles the mountain provides an inspiring backdrop to the city.

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