Clover Hill

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Clover Hill Vineyard is in Tasmania’s Pipers River, an area 
becoming acknowledged as the premier source of sparkling 
wine in Australia. It is ideally suited for growing the “holy 
trinity”of sparkling varietals; chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot 
meunier. The 66-hectare property overlooking Bass Strait 
has a similar climate to the Champagne region of France, 
with mild autumn temperatures with maximums in the low 
20°C and minimums around 10ºC. The climate creates a long 
ripening period, which allows the fruit to accumulate intense 
flavour balanced with fine acidity. Vines are close-spaced and
planted in deep, red volcanic soil in a frost-free amphitheatre, 
orientated north/south to maximise sunlight exposure.


Clover Hill is one of Australia's principal chardonnay, pinot 
noir and pinot meunier cuvées. In 1986, on the site of an old 
dairy farm in north-east Tasmania, the magnificent Clover Hill 
Vineyard was established by the Goelet family. Their aim was, 
and still is, to produce superb sparkling wine using traditional 
French methodology. Since its debut vintage in 1991, Clover 
Hill has gained a reputation for its uncompromising quality, its 
elegance and finesse, and its distinguished Tasmanian style.

Clover Hill's commitment to excellence has been recognized
with numerous awards, including Tasmanian Vineyard of the
Year, and Winestate's Australasian Sparkling Wine of the Year.


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