41 Degrees South

41 Degrees South is a fish farm, wetland and ginseng plantation near Deloraine, northwest Tasmania. 41 Degrees South is a family-owned business focusing on ecologically sustainable aquaculture. Located in native bushland, the farm grows salmon in natural conditions, without chemicals or antibiotics, using environmentally sustainable practices. 41 Degrees South also has an organic ginseng plantation, and is a pioneer of commercial ginseng farming in Tasmania.

You can take a self-guided walking tour of the salmon farm, aquaponics facility and ginseng plantation. You’ll learn how the fish are raised and the water re-circulated through the natural biofilter system created using the wetland. Explore the natural and man-made wetland areas and take a walk along the banks of the Western Rivulet to see a diverse array of vegetation from woodland to wetland grasses, and encounter the resident wildlife, including platypus, frogs and abundant birdlife.

Visit the shop to sample hot-smoked salmon products and browse the 41 Degrees South range including organic ginseng root products and ginseng-infused spirits, honey, spices, chocolate, nougat, dressing and essence. Or relax on the deck with a freshly-prepared meal made from 41 Degrees South smoked salmon.

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